Shopping For Long Tees That Fit Tall Slim People

Ever since I was young, I have always had great passion for fashion. You could find me from time to time reading mummy’s fashion magazines just to get a glimpse of what is happening in the world of fashion. My test for great brands in mens wear grew as I graduated from teen hood to adulthood. My great challenge however was my height. My height since I was 11 has ranged from 4.5” to 6.6”, the height I am today. I could never find long tees to fit me

With this in mind, I had to go that extra mile to find shops that specialized with designing clothes for tall slim people. The solutions I found were not consistent and I hated the fact that the designers did not produce trendy long fitting tees. I have had this great love for tees, but for almost my entire life, I have lived with a constant dilemma. I can find tees that fit my shoulders and even chest in width, but they’re always too short for my height. At times I do come across the tees that are long enough but generally they’re then too wide.

After getting married, this problem grew into something else since my wife would also complain. Finding a t-shirt that fits me is something that has disturbed her for a while. At times I could hear her over the phone complaining to his friends about how my belly always shows under my current t-shirts

After sometime, we decided to go hunting for online shops that are specialized in clothing for the tall slim man. We came across several e-shops but most of them had specialized in making formal clothes such as suits or polos for tall slim people.  My love for nice fitting tees and the fact that my profession, an event organizer, gave room for more casual wear, meant that most shops turned us away.

There is however one shop that captured the attention of my wife after spending the whole Saturday online, “Plus 2 Clothing”. The shop stocks a wide range of long tees that are trendy and yes, fitting.  Being a shop within Australia, we placed an order to test their products.  We ordered an All-star Tall tee going for about $35 only.  Upon delivery, I tried the tee on with my old school jeans and trust me I enjoyed the comfort offered by this piece of clothing. I decided to make the Plus 2 Clothing my official tee shop because of the following reasons:

Quality: All the tees that I have purchased from this store are made from 100% cotton. On washing, these tees don’t shrink and this is exactly what I have been looking for.

Affordability: Plus 2 Clothing offers tees at a price you won’t find at any shop across Australia and even the rest of the world. Based on the quality of the tees they are selling, the prices are worth it and surprisingly low.

Offers: The store runs offers from time to time. You can, for example, get a collection 5 long fitting tees at $80. Trust me these offers have kept me locked to shopping with Plus 2.

Availability: Being an online shop, there is a non-stop shopping done at the comfort of your home. This is time saving since you don’t have to undergo the struggle of searching for cool tees that fit at the mall.

Let’s Have a Rock-n-roll Party

With exaggerated eye makeup, tights with tinsels and high heels, David Bowie has perfectly rendered rock-n-roll into a fashion trend through his seductive and neutral look. You can become a rock star if you have the star accessories, prints tights and David Bowie’s sharp hairstyle!

Jean Paul Gaultier 2011 spring and Summer Catwalk Show
Distribution of Jean Paul Gaultier 2011 spring and Summer Collection

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Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2013 Shoe Collection

Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2013 shoe collection is cool as usual. There are curved heels, clear platforms, animal prints, and studs. Extravagant footwear includes pumps and wedge sandals with a curved heel-like shape.
Some shoes come in snake skin decorated with spikes, gold foil details toes and heels and other details. The color palette ranges from neutral black and white to metallic bronze to bright red and orange.

Alexander McQueen Pre-Spring 2013 Shoe Collection

Brad Pitt as the Amazing New Face of Chanel No. 5

Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Lauren Hutton, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou…Brad Pitt?!

Picture 50″What’s important to remember about CHANEL N°5 is how revolutionary this fragrance is,” notes the newest male visage of the fragrance – for chicks. “When it was introduced, it broke all the rules.” Indeed, perfumer Ernest Beaux, who had created fragrances for the last Russian Czar and was Chanel’s first Master Perfumer, made a mold-breaking masterpiece in 1921 with No. 5 and its unusual blend of 80 ingredients. Mademoiselle was convinced 5 was her lucky mystical number & on the fifth day of the fifth month, a flacon of this fateful juice was presented to her – the fifth selection.

To pay proper homage, director Joe Wright was commissioned to capture the allure of No. 5 from a different vantage point: a man’s.  “Each commercial resembles a short poem,” explains Wright, who is known for Pride and Prejudice, Atonement and the upcoming Anna Karenina, as well as two Coco Mademoiselle commercials starring Keira Knightley. For Wright, No. 5 is “a phenomenon that continues to invent and reinvent itself.”

Picture 53Wright shot Pitt in black and white and speaking directly into the camera, inspired by the much-simpler ads from the late 60s and early 70s. “I really admired the simplicity of the Deneuve ads,” reveals Wright. “When you have Deneuve or Pitt, why would you need to decorate that?”

Or, for that matter, a fragrance on the level of a No. 5.

“It does not feel like a perfume that is designed to attract a male, yet it does. It is such an iconic perfume. So many perfumes are easy to recognize and associate with a time but you can’t do that with N°5.”